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K.W. Paving’s entrance into the asphalt construction market in the Bahamas started over a
decade ago. K.W.’s vision was at that time to fill the void left by the medium and large asphalt
road building companies that no longer saw the need to compete for the smaller jobs. To K.W.,
this was an opportunity to build, grow and thrive in a market segment that was completely open
to a newcomer.

Armed with a passion for the industry, and having worked in his family’s business, Khadaff
Whyms set out a goal to grow his company from the ground up with his ultimate goal to one
day be able to compete for the large multimillion-dollar projects. Working as a waiter in the
hospitality industry at night and taking on small paving jobs during the daytime, Khadaff built
K.W. Paving one machine at a time. Saving up every dime he earned on his job and as a
waiter and from paving small parking lots or patching potholes, Khadaff did nothing else except
in investing in his company by buying needed machinery and equipment.

Upon entering the market, Khadaff quickly built a reputation for his quick response to his clients
and for doing high quality work at a competitive price. Today K.W. Paving stands as the leading
emerging asphalt construction company in the Bahamas. K. W. has proven itself in the
marketplace over the past decade and has remarkably attracted a diverse and loyal clientele
that’s evident by the scale and size of the projects it now attracts. Through hard work,
reinvesting in the latest equipment, building a reputation for quality work and being price
competitive has placed K. W Paving stands on the threshold of being the future of asphalt
construction companies in the Bahamas.

Personalize service, flexible pricing, and quality work are at the pillars upon which K.W. Paving
stands and these will no doubt remain the bedrock of its success in the future. Also paramount
to K. W.’s success, is its commitment to ensuring that it has highly skilled and trained staff and
the best local, and when required, international technical consultants to ensure that it delivers
on its commitment to its clients.

K. W.’s ultimate vision is to become the leading asphalt and concrete construction company in
the Bahamas and develop strategic partnerships, joint ventures and strategic alliances across
the Caribbean.

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